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Vegan Comedy Show / Corporate

We’ve all seen the nasty meme, "How do you know if someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you." ...

Vegans do not have the reputation for the most care-free, fun-loving folk.  Well, Jennie's here to change all that. Vegans are FUN, y'all!

“OMG! They brought a Vegan,” is a comedic look at why people are vegan.   Informative, factual and, of course, funny, Jennie approaches the topics of a plant-based lifestyle in a nonjudgemental style that not only makes you laugh, you might just learn something interesting!

Plant-Based Power (copyrighted material)

This one is for you, non-gay vegans!

Plant-Based Gay (copyrighted material)

Jennie's science and exercise background (Master's in Kinesiology) and recent work in plant based nutrition education, coupled with years of comedy experience make "OMG! They Brought a Vegan," funny, enlightening and entertaining presentation.


Bring Jennie to your next conference or seminar or workplace meetings!


Learn the real science behind our nutrition and health, the health of the planet and find out just where DO those vegans get their protein.

The goal is NOT to turn anyone vegan. Honest. The goal is to inform you about health, give you some real science, real solutions and show you that vegans can be really quite fun!


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